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 .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]

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.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Empty
PostSubject: .:* Confessions *:. [ 1 ]   .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 10:46 pm

.:* Confessions *:.
A Darkest Star Experiment [ Author: Star . ]

.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Bannerfess

racial slurs , profanity , references to sex && drugs .

crash.fall.bam , LaLalisten23 , WTFitsRISSAbabe , *~Littlestar~* && B.Nellz*
THANK YOU to xxxJololaxxx for her input .


SET 1 ] CONFESSIONS: Love , Trust && Hate .

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fesslovenoriko

      “ I confess;; as a respected female figure in the hood , I can’t go
      running right into danger . So why do I stay w / him ? ”

      [ property of LUCKY ] Lucky Mansion .
      The Bedroom;; 07.28 pm .

      Click. Click. Click.
      The sound of Stilettos. It could’ve been anyone, anyplace.
      But in fact – this was the sound of expensive shoes clicking
      against an expensive floor, owned by a multi-millionaire.

      She crossed the bedroom – sometimes called the ‘badroom’ but
      you don’t even wanna know – and reload her gun, because he told
      her too, just in case. He was by the dresser, with an open case of
      drugs, guns and a crazy amount of crisp fresh green paper.

      “I’m gonna go downstairs and start the meeting now.” she said,
      wrapping her arms around his waist. His serious face became a
      smile. Made no difference. Both were sexy.

      “Listen…” he said to her. “Of all the girls, you must be the only one
      who knows the full truth. Us Princes? We’re millionaires. We’re
      also killers. We mess wi/ drugs, and motherfxckers want my head.
      There’s a car downstairs waiting to take you to your grandma’s if…
      well. If you’ve decided… you don’t want to marry me after all.”

      He stroked her face as her eyes slowly met his. Noriko sighed and let
      the touch of her lips answer that question. He smiled. “Lucky, you’re
      not a bad person. You just got caught up in some bad Sh*t. We’ll
      figure it out together, ‘kay?”

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fesstrustlola

      “ I confess;; I gave up everything I had to be with him . But if he can’t
      trust me , I can’t… I can’t stay with him . ”

      [ property of DUSTIN ] Romeo Roundhouse .
      The Sitting Room;; 07.31 pm .

      He lay on his back, on the bed, texting his boys. Lola pouted at the
      lack of attention he was giving her. She attempted to lay on his
      stomach but sat up when she felt something hard; “What’s that?”

      “Probably my gun.” Dustin said absent-mindedly and Lola raised an
      eyebrow. He glanced up. “Firearm!” he said quickly. Lola just
      giggled and made a face like ‘whatever…’ Dustin smirked, grabbing
      for her, “Well – you wanna find out?”

      “Ay you! No dirty talk before ten.” she smirked, and checked her
      watch. “Urgh. I’ve got a Dawnstar meeting to go to.” she got up
      and stretched. “You gonna get Gina to cook dinner?”

      “Nah. When you get back I might not be home, me and the Princes
      be ballin’
      .” Dustin said, laying back down. “Ay. Have a good time.”
      Lola gave him a long look. She left the roundhouse without a word.

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fesshatetamino

      “ I confess;; I don’t hate her , damn she’s my sister . I just hate how
      she got tangled up in this bullshit . But I can’t talk;; so did I .”

      [ property of TIP ] KingNiigga Villa .
      The Veranda;; 07.35 pm .

      Not many people realise how good silence is until it’s broken.

      “Leave me alone, Tip. I fxcking mean it, you punk ass niiggas take
      me for a damn fool!” Tamino yelled she stormed across the veranda,
      grabbing one set of keys on the way. She stopped in her tracks when
      she reached the car lot and saw the endless row of cars – Sh*t!

      Tip strolled through the front door and watched her, then followed.
      “Ay, turn your ass around now.” he ordered, but she ignored him
      and started pressing the locking device on the keys for each car.
      Beep Beep! The Lamborghini. Bingo.

      “Get the hell back inside, Sir. You don’t know me!” Tamino cussed.
      “Prince my fxckin’ ass. Yall ain’t nothin’ but dumb boys!” She opened
      the car door and he slammed it shut again. So she started to walk.

      “Bitch, what’chu on?” he breathed, following her. “I know you
      better than you know you. I know you love the smell of baby
      powder. I know that when you orgasm, your toes go numb. I know
      that you compulsively dig your nails into your palms until they bleed
      when you hatin’. And I know there’s nothing you wanna do more than
      help poor motherfxckers who can’t help themselves.”

      Damn. Tamino slowed to a halt, turning her mug face to the sky.

      “So either you gonna go to that meeting and face your sister or you
      gonna rot cause you know why you can’t leave the premises. It’s
      the same for every Dawnstar girl. So choose.” Tip lit a cigarette, then
      added with a smirk, “I mean that in the nicest way possible, babe.”


      Who next?

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fessup


Me;; Star. =]
[ ღ♥ღ ѕαgιттαяιυš ღ♥ღ )
Smart && Sweet.

.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] B575
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PostSubject: Re: .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]   .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 1:05 am

i reali love dis story star
i want more more more Smile
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Female Number of posts : 1143
Location : Reppin LONDON!!!!!
Hobbies : Dancing, Cheerleading, Reading, Writing, Going nuts, eating nuts, you know the sort, LOL!
Motto : Like a star . . . a star . . . a star***
Registration date : 2008-04-27

.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Empty
PostSubject: Re: .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]   .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 1:08 am

Thanks!! I have to go, but here's the next bit. =]

SET 2 ] Possession && Promiscuity

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fessposscam

      “ I confess;; I’m a very ‘ I want this , I want that , I want this , I want
      that , I want those ’ person . I just decided;; I want him too .”

      [ property of TREMAINE ] Gucci Manor .
      The Guest Bedroom;; 07.04 pm .

      She thought she woke up in heaven when she saw the silk sheets,
      the satin nightdress she was wearing, and the king-sized bed she
      was lying in. She knew her brother said he’d get them somewhere
      classy to live, but DAMN! What did he do, sell his soul?

      She looked thought the drapes around her bed to see the huge
      bedroom, decked out in gold and red and all them expensive thangs.
      And then she saw him. Just sitting in a chair, watching her.

      He bit his tongue. “Hope you slept well, ma.”

      Her mouth opened slightly, so she shut it to save her pride. She got
      out of bed and stood, swallowing at the sight of him. What was he,
      taller? Darker? Harder? Shiit, it didn’t matter. He still had that same
      old smirk
      . “Trey. Why am I not surprised… and um, where am I?”

      “Your brother Cameron made a deal wi/ me. Yall can stay here.
      In return, he works for me. So welcome to my pad – Gucci Manor.
      Property of Trey.”

      “Am I ‘Property of Trey’ too?” she said sarcastically.

      “Always were.” he smirked, and she threw her pillow at him.

      “I don’t have to even leave this room to know it’s huge…” Camara
      walked around the bedroom, then stood at the window and felt her
      heart stop. Word; wow! For fxckin’ real? She joined him at the
      window, and knew how deep the shiit went when she saw the garden
      of Gucci Manor alone. “Soo.” She breathed. This made sense now.
      “Before, you said you were a lawyer. But that was some bullshiit,
      wasn’t it?”

      He licked his lips and tried not to grin. He could see she hadn’t
      changed either. She folded her arms until he answered the question.

      “No, bae. I’m a Prince of Atlanta.” He checked his watch, “Which
      reminds me. You got a Dawnstar meeting in about an hour.”

      Dawnstar. She was part of Dawnstar now?! She felt Trey approach
      her from behind, his breath on her neck when he said,

      “They say… that when love comes around once, let it go. But if it
      comes back around, this time you know.” He slowly pressed his
      lips to her neck, and she bit her lips so she didn’t make a single
      sound to show she liked it. “You know… it’s for real.” He moved his
      lips to her ear, “Glad you came back into my life, Camara.”

      .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Fesspromiscuity

      “ I confess;; I do what I can to get what I want . End .”

      [ Property of DRAKE ] House Of Risk .
      The Office;; 07.18 pm .

      It was true – the four girls, Midnight, Wildfire, Jewel, and Peaches,
      also known as Nuha belonged to him. They weren’t prostitutes…
      more like exclusive strippers. Or they used to be, until they joined the
      House of Risk and became property of Drake. But he never slept with
      them, just kept them on his arms as eye candy; a reminder to the
      broke niiggas that he had when they couldn’t get. And a reminder to
      the other Princes that he could have many women when they had to
      stay faithful to one, haha.

      “Drizzy…?” Nuha sang, slipping into his office. He was in his chair,
      looking all sexily intellectual and sheet. He leaned back and smiled at
      her. She was taking chances now because she knew she was his

      “Y’alright, ma?”

      “Yea… can I go to the Dawnstar meeting – puh-leeeease?” she
      pleaded with a small pout. She knew he didn’t like it when people
      demanded shiit from him.

      He laughed. “You ain’t my wife. Not even my wife-y.”

      Nuha skipped to his desk, then sat on it, crossing her legs so her
      back was half to him. “I could be.”

      “Don’t even start.” he smirked. “Ma, you younger than all of them.”

      “I’m eighteen!” she said, outraged. “I could represent you. I could
      learn stuff… I thought I had a right to know what’s going on with
      everyone, seeing as we can’t leave the house.”

      “I tell you all you need to know, ma.” Drake said firmly, signalling the
      end of the conversation. “You just keep the other girls on lock.” He
      walked round to her and gently pulled at one of her curls. “You know
      you got benefits wi/ me, Nuha… so don’t push your luck. Unless you
      wanna go back to the strip club…” he winked at her and left the

      She had to love that smart-ass biitch.

      She folded her arms, sulkily. She didn’t come these far to not
      meet the top women in the game! She knew she was getting
      into that meeting.

      But first, she figured, she had to get into his bed.


Me;; Star. =]
[ ღ♥ღ ѕαgιттαяιυš ღ♥ღ )
Smart && Sweet.

.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] B575
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PostSubject: Re: .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]   .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 6:32 pm


.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] 52586

.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] Tt2108219fltt

Okay, so I need a NEW siggy... Sad

I'm RANDOM...but you know you love me for it... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]   .:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ] I_icon_minitime

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.:* Confessions *:. [ 4 ]
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